The Kansas City Chief...Of Marketing

January 22, 2016
Stephen Barrett is a skilled marketing consultant and expert who is based out of Kansas City. He has worked the majority of his career in this field and is now an extremely experienced professional who has been fortunate enough to work with very well known and highly respected companies. Stephen Barrett attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He was able to earn a degree in Mathematics and Economics.

Stephen Barrett initially began his career by working with Fidelity Investments, one of the most well known financial services and investment brokerage. He has held a number of roles for major companies, including serving as Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer for Eaton Vance and Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Waddell & Reed/Ivy Funds. Barrett co-founded Classic Investment Managers, which later was acquired by DST Systems. He also served as Chief Customer Officer of IronMarketing Partners, which he founded. It is a boutique consulting firm which is focuses on providing a few select financial services brands. They have placed an emphasis on sales and marketing.   

Stephen Barrett is currently the Chief Content Officer at Financial Media Exchange LLC, but most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Mariner Holdings. This is the umbrella company that contains more than two-dozen brands. These brands are responsible for the management of more than $35 billion in global assets.